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Smart Dental CAD Studio

Smart Dental CAD Studio, we are specialized in dental digital design, and providing state of art dental CAD/CAM Service. we work for dental lab,dentist and milling centers around the word, offering High Quality and same day design service.

Our desingners have Rich experience on designing full contour crowns and bridge on Exocad and 3Shape dental design software, all the designers have very good command of dental technology and Morphology. we can design very good full contour ,veneer,bridge and implant.

Welcome to outsource your design from us.

Our Team


Founder and general manager of SDS
Senior Dental Technician
With +16 years hand on experiences in both conventional and digital dental technologic
He started his company SDS in 2014
SDS provides high quality CAD designs for dental labs, dental office and milling centres.
SDS mission is to provide exisiting and protective clients with superior restoration designs! Quality is the first within SDS design team.


Head of SDS Service Team
8 years of customer service experience in dental lab
Excellent in account management, Customer Communication & Technical Support

Mr Wu.

SDS Team leader
Senior dental technician
He is courteous, respectful, compassionate and honest treating each team member as an individual. He encourages and supports his team of technicians to be well informed of design instructions and client preferences to make sure best design quality for every case.

Mr Huang

Vice President of SDS
As the supervisor of the technical team, Lei is a hard working guy with a reliable and calm personality, accessing the other colleagues daily and making sure that the highest standards of designs are achieved.
With + 9 years of experience in the dental lab, he is always seeking to learn and study new dental technology. Expert in digital dental designs in various softwares.
Lei has keen eyes for CAD designs on tooth function, occlusion and aesthetics in different types of dental restorations. He ensures every design in SDS is of the highest quality standard.
Lei maintains an internal SDS designs protocol and is making responsible and effective use of the training resources available to the whole technician team.
Lei is keeping his dental technology knowledge and skills up to date to ensure that the SDS team continues to grow among the best in dental digital designs.